«Color is the best tool for my feelings to be expressed and to connect with people».

Francisco Hernandez (Chesco) was born in Maracaibo, Venezuela in 1962.  As a teenager, he started doing landscape paintings on canvas and learning some artwork techniques. He managed to sell some of his paintings to friends and family and kept some of them at his mother’s house.He graduated with a Bachelor’s in Industrial Engineer in 1989 and immediately found a job in a major Engineering Consultancy Company. He worked as an Engineer in his hometown for 18 years. During those working years, he became a husband and father, which left him limited time to focus on his art and so his work as an artist took a long pause.

He was offered an opportunity to work overseas that lead to a position in New Orleans, USA in 2007. While in New Orleans, he started attending several art shows, music festivals, and immersing himself in the rich culture of Louisiana.

Few years after moving to the USA, he started painting again. Initially, he began working on some abstract compositions, but gradually began developing his skills with geometric shapes and bold colors.

This is where he believes he finds himself more comfortable and his work as an artist has been rapidly evolving for the past 4 years.

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